Why I’m running.

I have a deep love of my country and city, so as many; I am deeply concerned about the troubles facing our great nation; both new and old.  It seems to me that the Democratic Party gets closer and closer to becoming a socialist party every day; now even talking openly about socialist ideologies.  Moreover, the Republican Party no longer represents the conservative small government values of social freedom and fiscal responsibility it was founded on, and that it so fiercely represented for its first 100 years.  Instead, we are left with what is looking more and more like an authoritarian party that would be happy to write an excessive amount of laws; taking freedoms from its citizens, suppressing its voters, and spending this country into the dirt.  These are not valid choices for responsible, patriotic Americans.  We need something better.

I strongly believe its time to throw off the old yokes of the outdated and corrupt 2 party system, and introduce commonsense laws and procedural reform to help usher in a new era of prosperity for America.  I possess a diverse portfolio of knowledge in community organizing, history,  foreign language, community culture, entrepreneurship, and political passion. These attributes will help me challenge the status quos; cleaning up Washington with common sense reforms based on fiscal conservatism and social liberalism.  These values I believe have been the dominant Cincinnati ideology for over 150 years; and have been unrepresented for decades. The people of every congressional district of this country should be adequately represented, and have the option to choose between more than just 2 candidates.  I am here to provide that option for the 1st district of Ohio with the fair conservative values; that I learned growing up in this community.

Dirk Kubala
Dirk Kubala

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