Income Tax

Income tax should be reduced as much as possible, gradually being replaced by “Sin Taxes”, not just obvious things like tobacco and alcohol, but anything damaging to society or the environment.  For example; taxes for fossil fuels, marijuana, unhealthy foods/drinks, harmful chemical products, harmful materials, could gradually reduce the burden of the tax on productivity of responsible hard working Americans, and reduce incentive of illegal black market activities.  Also (reasonably) higher tax rates of legalized immigrant guest workers would help to alleviate the tax burden of US Citizens.  I believe a responsible tax reform plan could eventually allow us to eliminate income tax and balance the budget.



Corporate Tax

Corporate taxes should be changed to a sort of “pollution tax” which would be based on the companies’ carbon footprints, and taxed on a bell shaped curve.  They would NOT be taxed on success and productivity, rather, how they harm our country. This would help keep responsible high revenue companies in the US, and most likely attract more foreign companies to the US.



Government Spending

We must balance the budget and pay off our debt!  Find a way to responsibly reform or replace Social Security in favor of a more fair and stable system (24% of budget), Focus on a more effective and efficient military (15% of budget), Balance budget & pay off debt (Interest payments 7% of budget), more efficient management would reduce cost of Medicare & Medicaid (24% of budget), Responsibly end agricultural and corporate subsidies.  Those issues alone encompass about 3/4th of the Federal budget.  Such a plan would dramatically reduce our tax burden and stabilize the government and economy for future generations.  With the combination of more efficient management, and the new revenue generated with my tax reform plan, we can balance the budget and reduce income tax.



Energy Independence 

We have an opportunity to lead the world in the renewable energy market, and make it a cornerstone of our economy creating thousands of jobs in Ohio alone.  We must remove restrictions and unfair government regulations on renewable energy and allow this industry to thrive.  By encouraging renewable energy production, we can much more easily become energy independent.



Executive privilege

The executive branch has been out of control for decades.  We must reasonably reduce executive power no matter who sits in the oval office.



Prison reform

Stop incarcerating non violent criminals in expensive overcrowded prisons.  These non violent criminals should be sentenced to probationary facilities where they can live and be supervised, while working in the real world to pay for their food and boarding; saving taxpayers billions.  This makes a lot more sense; and will teach them how to be responsible, productive, law abiding, taxpaying citizens.




We can reduce the tax burden for US citizens through immigration reform. This would include an increase in tourist visas, student visas, work visas, and legal status for the immigrants who are already part of our economy.  This will result in a huge bump in domestic spending and investment by foreigners and it will boost our economy.  Immigrants on work visas and green cards will pay a reasonable immigration tax boosting government revenue, and alleviate the tax burden for US citizens.




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